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Though we are based out of Michigan, we have subscribers and advertisers all across the USA.  Your ad will reach hundreds.
Our ad rates are surely some of the lowest. They should be reasonable for you, and beneficial for us.
Below are our adversing prices:


Full page: $300.00 P/WK.
3/4 Page: $250.00 P/WK.
1/2 Page: $200.00 P/WK.
1/4 Page: $175.00 P/WK.
1/8 Page: $100.00 P/WK.
Business Card $25.00 P/WK.
We look forward to helping our fellow patriots as they help us.


Please send a check or money order to

P.O. Box 376

Frederic, MI 49733


You may include your ad with the payment, or send it via email. Please remember that your ad will be printed in black and white.


Why Advertise?

A man wakes up in the morning after sleeping on an advertised bed, in advertised pajamas. He will bathe in an advertised tub, wash with advertised soap, shave with an advertised shaving cream, eat breakfast of advertised juice, cereal, and toast (toasted in an advertised toaster), put on advertised clothes, and glance at his advertised watch. He will ride to work in his advertised car, sit at an advertised desk and write with an

advertised pen. Yet this man hesitates to advertise, saying that advertising doesnt pay. Finally, when his unadvertised business fails, he WILL advertise it for sale...

Emerson Review 2003


We DO NOT endorse the ads shown at the top OR bottom of this page