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George Emerson

The Emerson Review is a weekly publication from Frederic,Michigan with subscribers all across America. Dedicated to informing its readers of their rights and freedoms, "the Review" is considered  "A paper for the people, by the people. "
The paper is owned and operated by George Emerson, retired military engineer.
After tiring of reading and hearing the same biased news of the mainstream media, he decided to start a newspaper that would print the truth behind the stories we read in most newspapers. His desire is to inform and inspire Americans, to remind them of their great heritage and to expose the corruption in the world today.
In the Review you will find religion and politics on the same page. It is a conservative cry in the wilderness, a wake up call to American Patriots, citizens and Christians.

The first edition of the Review
was published October 12, 2000.
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We send our papers to subscribers throughout the United States. If you are interested in becoming a subscriber click on the link above

We believe that the Constitution, as originally written and intended, is the finest system of government ever conceived by man. The government (including local, state and national) finds loopholes around the laws and we are here to expose the truth.

In Addition to exposing the truth, we publish name copyrights, and Land Patents.  A Land Patent is your certified ultimate ownership of land. Each common law copyright and Land Patent is published for 4 weeks in the paper, and includes 4 certified affidavits.  Please visit that section of the site for more information.


We are a Christian Patriot newspaper. Our one and only God has helped us tremendously with this publication, and we pray that he continues to. 

God Bless,

George Emerson, and the Review

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George Emerson in 1975

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